Monday, March 5, 2012

A bit of Scrapping

See, it is not that I'm NOT being creative, I am just not FINISHING my projects.  LOL  I have a tray of unfinished ones just staring at me.  Literally.  I put googly eyes on them so they can do just that.  Helps with the whole guilt thing.

I have gotten so good at finding inspiration to use up bits and pieces of my kits, that they are lasting me FOREVER!  Usually I break them back down out of boredom and the need to move on.  These next layouts are thanks to my February Counterfeit Kits. 

I was wanting to find a reason to use some scraps from my Valentine themed kit and found a sketch on BG that was perfect for this. 

This next one is thanks to a Scrapbook Generation Sketch.  I have a few of their books and LOVE them to bits!    This sketch was perfect for my pictures of Isabel losing her first teeth.

Yes, you are seeing this right.  It is the tooth fairy.  Caught on film.  Her reaction was precious.  It is fun to let her believe while she can.

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