Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I did manage to scrap...

Kids are home...I am trying to super mom...not hear the words, I'm bored!  LOL  Our summer schedule looks something like this:

Movie Monday (go out to a dollar one...or rent one)
Tuesday Staff date...swim
Wildcard Wednesday (surprise activity)
Library time
Sunday....lots of church activities

Wildcard Wednesdays have been our saving grace this summer.  The kids never know what we are going to do, so they spend several days anticipating...and then several days reveling in the fun they had.  LOL

Here are some of the things we have done so far (remember my kids are 9 and 7...and easily pleased...LOL)

Getting the stuff for banana splits:

Going to the pet store to look at animals:

Playing an interesting game involving shaving cream and throwing cheetos:

Being super sneak theives and stealing a valueable heirloom at the end of the hall:

We have also tossed in some trips to the zoo and a HUGE park/playground.

That has not left me alot of time for scrapping, but I did manage to finish a few things this month:

Any suggestions for how I can become a night person?  I would get so much more done then!

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