Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Garden Challenge

I really enjoy gardens, although I do not have the talent for making one myself.  (Believe me....things die...it is bad.  Very bad.)

We went on a short vacation earlier in the month to Kentucky and came across these beautiful gardens at the Creation Museum. 

For the CKCB challenge, I reminiced about my Grandma and her vegetable garden while we were growing up.  She had a small garden in the back of her yard and I loved to help her pick and cook things from it.  Grandma had a very bad habbit of trying to pick things a bit early (mainly carrots) to see if they were ready and then trying to stick them back in the ground if they weren't.  She cracked me up!

I was happy to use some of the die cuts from my kit and really like how these papers all fit together.


Jimjams said...

That looks like a great place to visit - and what a touching page about Grandma's Garden - love the carrot photo to illustrate it!

Anonymous said...

Love the layout....the rabbit is the best part!
Pam :)

S said...

Wonderful page - love the cloud/sun gathering up in the top corner.