Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Counterfeit Kit

I will admit it.  I have done NO scrapping lately.  I have had a nasty cold that keep threatening to turn into something more serious and is just leaving me drained.  I hate being tired all the time.  I hate not being able to sleep.  I hate not feeling like creating.

Okay.  I'm done pouting now. 

I did get my October Kit done!  I had SO much trouble with this one!  I pulled paper and ut them back...and pulled more and put them back.  I finally put EVERYTHING away and started over. 

Our new kit to Counterfeit is posted on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog right now!!  Why are you still hanging out here?  Go look at the kit we picked!  Go on...I'll wait, but come right back.

We have a great line up of Counterfeit Kits to inspire you this month!  Our lovely Guest Designer Katie Scott is starting us off for the hop.  Here is the entire list in case you got a bit turned around.
Guest Designer: Katie Scott

Whew!  Now that you have been informed and redirected, would you like to see what I made?

 Even though I had trouble to start with, I really like how this kit came out...

I think I will use these more for layering than journaling...

I'm pretty proud of the papers I assembled.  There are a few that I would swap out if I could, but most of them are great!

Let's see how much of the washi, twine and ribbon I get around to using.  I usually forget.  LOL

So many fun pieces to layer!  I will have a hard time covering some of them up!

I love these stickers!  So many fun patterns and shapes!

How cute are these flowers?  I have the things to make my own, but have been a chicken about it.  I am very into date stamps right now, too.  Love this one from Dear Lizzy!

I have been SO inspired lately by one of Glitter Girl (Shimelle)'s videos on 2 Peas that I just have to share it with you!
Many of the things I pulled for my kit were based on their ability to layer nicely.  I have been loving this technique and hope to show you some examples soon! 
I hope you get some time to hang out with us some this month!  And I hope I feel up to scrapping soon!


Clair said...

I can't believe how much ribbon you have in your kit! If you use all of that I will be amazed!

Here's to hoping that you're better soon. I totally understand, having been ill for all of my GDT spot last month! xxx

li-bee-ti said...

Well done with your kit! I had no idea that you had trouble making it... I thought you liked the inspiration kit and that is why we got it... LOL
I hope you'll get better pretty soon, so that you'll be able to scrap around.

One Scrap Happy Momma said...

Ha! You sound like me now - I can't tell you how many times I do that: pull a kit multiple times before I settle on THE ONE! This month was especially hard for me. But in the end I usually love the final one I keep! And I do love your final kit!

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

love your kit & especially all the twine!

Sassy Breese said...

Hope you are feeling much better and quickly! You have a great selection here. As the weather here turns towards winter, there is more time to spend on inside pursuits. I am looking forward to playing along again, this month.

Margie said...

It came out great in the end!! I am addicted to the Glitter Girl videos right now, too!

glorygirl said...

FABULOUS kit! I recognize some things in my very own stash. Will be excited to see how you use them!!!

Julie H said...

Wow, your kit is amazing, you are going to have so much fun with it - with a bit of "Glittery" inspiration I think you are going to make some great pages this month!

Tricia said...

Awesome kit! Love all the label stickers can't wait to see what you create! Hope you get to feeling better!

S said...

Oh great kit - if you don't have time to use it - just send it my way. I noticed all the twine and ribbon trims right away - what fun those will be. And I sure wish Scenic Route was still around. Well, enough blabbering from me. I'm off to be "redirected".

Rebecca at How I Burb said...

I'm sorry you are still feeling sick - I hope your energy and sleep get back to normal ASAP!

I love the kit - I'll watch for you to use all that washi and ribbon (I forget, too :)).

joyce rodli said...

oh are inspiring me to put trims and seam binding in my kit. your final cut turned out good.