Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scene of the Crime: My Scrapbook Studio

It has been a while, hasn't it?  My other blog (The Counterfeit Kit Challenge) takes up all of my time, but I am really anxious to get back to posting here.  And my first post back is a DOOZY!  You know how when someone has a new baby you are subjected to a bunch of photos?  Or the friend that just came back from a great vacation and documented every second?  Yep.  You got it.  I have an annoyingly long post today with photos of my scrap room.  I have recently upgraded it, so I have a lot to share!  Get ready...get set...

 Here is a shot from the doorway.  My scrap room is on the side of the house by the kid's bedrooms, which makes it the perfect room to get interrupted in.  Many times.  Daily.  Forever.  LOL  It doubles as a guest room, but luckily, we don't have many people visit.  HA!  So this room is mine all mine!  Billy upgraded me with new to me furniture (thanks to my friend Alyssa who is moving and needed to sell her lovely my favorite color of green furniture) and replaced my carpet with laminate wood.  LOVE IT!

This is the guest bed.  Also known as the place the cats like to hang out while I am working/creating.  I keep that extra blanket on it to make it easier to contain the cat hair.  My stuffed animals have sort of kids find it a great go to gift for mommy.  Especially if they find an owl, monster or starwars character.  LOL  Above the bed I have hung some of my favorite scrapbook papers.  The movie/night stand next to the bed is my next project.  I will be painting it green to match the rest of the furniture.

Here is my lovely first piece of furniture.  It is fantastic for displaying my little collections and pretty supplies.

Here is one of my collections...owls.  I love them.  I have no idea how it started, but you will find them in various places throughout my room.  Lucky for me, my friend, Pam, is happy to help me with my collection.

Here are my stickles, pearl type paints and mists.  The jars in the front are full of pearls, wood vaneers, flair and brads.

My bling is in this green gardening container.  I love the owl picture behind it that my daughter painted.

Here are all of my buttons and little flowers.  See the gnome in the corner?  I also collect Tom Clark Gnomes.  They are so sweet!

This flip photo holder is full of cards that some of my favorite people have sent me.

This basket is near capacity with my layering pieces.  I have started hoarding die cuts...can you tell?

I have found some cute owl and flower containers to help store the embellishments I am currently using for my kits.  It seems a shame to cover up those cute faces!  The container behind it was made for me by Pam (her presentation of gifts is just as fabulous as the gifts she sends) and keeps a stash of chocolate in it for emergencies.

This end has a few buckets I found at the dollar store to hold some finished cards that I am wanting to mail and some embellishments that I do not want to forget about.

Yet another collection...of glitters, embossing powders and flock.  So messy, but fun to use!

Almost all of my ink pads are from Close to My Heart and they have been with me for YEARS!  The best part is that they are still good and juicy!  My basic stamping supplies are in this drawer, too.

This drawer has a hodge podge of things in it that I need or want to keep, but don't want out right now. Thank goodness for extra drawers!

This was the perfect place for my magazines and sketch books.  Billy finds it interesting that I insist on having them turned so you can't see the clutter.  LOL

I live in constant dread that I will run out of card bases.  That explains the drawer full.

This drawer has some of my tools for inking things and stuff I want to try (like making my own molds).

Here are my mini albums and coasters that I use for all sorts of games for the kids.

Next to that is my rolly cart.  I have a good start on Washi tape, but look at how much more room I have!

This basket holds my alphabets an my current kits that I have put together.  I usually only keep my kits together for a month or two.  Then I purge them back into my stash.

The top drawer has dimentional stickers and adhesive backed much fun to dig through!

This is regular stickers...and look at the sheets of washi on top!!  What should I make with those?

Die cut sheets and chipboard shapes finish out the last drawer.  Another fun drawer to dig through!

The bottom of the cart has a cubby that holds some trays I want to make, random paper an some finished layouts.

Look at this beautiful piece of furniture!!  I love the details on it!

The super cute owl boxes are a "countdown calendar" of sorts...each box holds a paper with a challenge written on it.  Pam and I do the challenges through out the year so we can do some long distance scrapping.  My 6x6 paper pads are stored in the photo box.  The CD box is holding scrap paper that I cut down to 6x6, 4x6 an 3x2.  I have tamed my paper scraps at last!

These are my blocks for stamping, small embellishments and boxes of flowers, trims and other bits.

I am anxious to play with the chip board, cork, vaneer sheets and adhesive backed linen.  It has been awhile since I have even looked at those.  Hmmmm...I feel a challenge coming on...

My punches are a mess aren't they?  I tend to dig a lot!

My holiday embellishments are stored here...along with some miscellaneous things like mini bags and some templates.

I LOVE my cuddlebug and book binding machines!  I am a sucker for die cutting!

My 7 foot desk used to be brown, but I sanded and painted it to match.  (And am pretty proud of myself for how it came out!).  Can you believe those paper trays?  We got them for a steal from a scrapbook store that closed down.  I love looking like a store.  LOL  And yes, those are a lot of cricut carts.  I have gotten a lot as gifts...and the others on sale.

This may be my best tool of all...I adore watching Glitter Girl while I scrap.  What on earth did we do before computers?

No zooming in and peeking at the challenges coming up for next month!

I have quite a bit of twine and other fun bits in these baskets from the Target Dollar spot.    My latest fine was a whale tape dispenser (for smash books).  It fits washi perfectly and is SO cute! Cricut Imagine.  My hubby bought it used for me for Christmas and I have been having lots of fun with it.  Such a great machine (even if I don't love the company).  I will use it until it dies and then move onto a Cameo, hopefully.

Favorite paper companies:  October Afternoon, Echo Park, and Cosmo Cricket.  I have plenty of DCWV and K and Co, too.

This drawer was much neater earlier.  Honest.  My kids get into it for office supplies and are not very neat about it.

Lots of glues for every type of ATG lives on my desk, though.

I love that my printing supplies can be tucked away.  I hated having them out looked too sloppy for me.

The last spot in my room is my closet.  Billy took the door off to make it more accessible, but I didn't like it, so he hung a curtain instead.  As long as it is covered up, I am good.

These are MOST of my stamps.  I have them categorized and stored in these shoe boxes.  I am a bit of a hoarder with these.

I'm not sure when the last time I used ribbon was.  Oh, well.  It is here when I want it.  LOL

Okay, Okay, I have several die cut machines.  It is my husbands go to gift for me.  The top basket has mini albums I have made and the clear box next to it stores finished cards to mail.

So this is my room.  I love it!  I think I spend more time staring at it then getting things done.

Thanks for checking it out!  Here is the rest of the hop list so you can see the other Crime Scenes.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the peeks! There are quite a few collections there LOL. The shade of green you've used is so vibrant and unusual. Very eye catching. Your room looks cosy and very organized. Do you keep it that way? Thanks for sharing.

Ps the link to your blog on CKC blog didn't work for me.

Sherri Thompson said...

I love your scrap room, Beth! It is so fun to look into other scrappers' rooms and see how they work and store things. I would love to post pics of my room, but right now I can't find it. ;)

One Scrap Happy Momma said...

So many great storage ideas here. I really like your storage area for your washi - keeps it accessible. When I saw that picture I immediately started looking around my room for where I could do something like that! LOL! Oh and to have a slat wall. *Sigh*!

petrii said...

What a lovely, lovely room!! So organized and that green is gorgeous! I LOVE the idea of cutting your scraps down and storing them by the size cut. Why have I not thought of this? Scraps are taking over baskets of space in my room. I'm going to do this. What a fab idea!! I love your owls And most of all that you have a friend like Pam. I can tell that she "gets" you :). We all need friends like that.
Thank you for sharing Your room. Again, it is just lovely!
Blessings ~~ dawn

Lesley G said...

Wow!!! I have my own room too but it is nowhere near as tidy as yours - love how you have your papers organised :)

Jennifer Grace said...

How great to see your space! I love that bright green. And I collect owls too! I could have a guest room as my crafty space though, we have too many visitors which is lovely but I wouldn't like them taking over MY space! Ha! x

Sassy Breese said...

What a wonderful space. I am please to know that I am not the only person with multiple cricuts and a dislike for the company (or products) We will have to have a grouch session one day and I will tell you about my three Imagines.

I especially enjoyed the peek into where the CKC inspiration is ignited. The day bed is so inviting. I would love to be a guest at your home. What wonderful dreams one could have, sleeping amid such collections of creativity.

Andrea Ockey Parr said...

Gorgeous space and no wonder it's so inspiring! Love that green and all of your furniture pieces. I also very much enjoy the humor in your posts! Fun to read AND look at!

kate blue said...

it is more awesome when you have a dedicated space...very organized!

Julene Matthews said...

I love your room.Mine is about the same space but not as colour co-ordinated.Green is my best colour so I'm lusting after your furniture.

Allie Atkinson said...

Looks lovely! I am inspired to maybe take some photos of my studio now too. I want to see the progress I have been making on it. I love how you've embraced the green. I love aqua/ teal and purple with touches of raspberry pink. My furniture is black with bold accents. I LOVE it. Hmmm I am getting so inspired now :)

glorygirl said...

This is WONDERFUL! So bright and cheery! Love all the pops of bright colors!