Sunday, March 30, 2014

Continuing the "day off" fun...

I LOVE Pinterest for inspiration for everything, not just scrapbooking.  It can feel a little overwhelming sometimes, though.  I like to narrow down what I am visually seeing by picking a category to browse.

My BSF (Best Scrappy Friend), Pam got me the adorable Close to My Heart Stamp of the Month, Wild About Love.

Cute, right?  I decided to find some Foxy inspiration on Pinterest and found this adorable wall art:

Since a big joke around my house is the What Does the Fox Say song (I find it irritating, but the fact that my hubby hates it makes me want to sing it over, and over, and over...).  In fact, I encourage the kids, nieces and nephews, my all sing it to him, too.  I see a clever card coming up!

Yes, I am writing this post AS I am working on the card.  I'm having fun blogging in "real" time.  LOL

I love this!  The patterns are busier than I would usually use, but I think it is fun!

Where will I get inspired next?  How about Etsy?  See you soon!


Jimjams said...

Great card (love the stamping) and so funny to hear about the song ... evil woman LOL!

S said...

So cute! Blogging in real time? I might have to try that.

Lisa said...

What a cute card! I find the idea of blogging in real time funny! I need to have ti all made before I can move to the computer!