Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Mail

happy mail

Send a card.  Today.

As crafters, we love to create beautiful things.  We make cards by the dozens.  When is the last time you mailed one out?  I have a box full that I made because it was fun.  It is time to start putting them to good use.  Today I am mailing some cards to several people I barely know because I know it will brighten their day.

Let's send some happy mail, friends!


Lisa said...

Love this idea. I've been meaning to drop a line to a few so will do so now with your prompting :-)

S said...

I was just telling my sisters that I had an overflow of cards, but never the right ones to send for a current occasion. I do have plenty of everyday cards I could be sending. I should do that. Thanks for the nudge.