Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Grading my July Counterfeit Kit

It is the first of the month and that means a brand new Counterfeit Kit!  This has been a busy month.  School is out and the kids are home which is always fun.  I happen to have some pretty great kids.  We have had a great time fishing, swimming, going to some fun library programs and just having fun together.   Near the end of June it dawned on me that I did not put together my July kit.  YIKES!  LOL  I had barely thought of scrapping for the month of June.  I decided to not be frustrated about my lack of time and just put it out of my head instead.  Time to get cracking!

This month we are getting some inspiration from Noel Mingnon's Balboa Kit.  It has a lot of fun colors and some great embellishments.

Balboa Kit

With my last minutes pulls and a raging headache, I'm afraid I ended up with a kit that I hope will grow on me.  LOL  I have a feeling that I am not the only one who has done that before.  Since my head was spinning I decided my best bet was to write down my first impressions and just focus on those.

Here is my list:
Teal, red, orange, green, chalkboard
stripes, dots, frames
washi, labels, chipboard, tags

Then I clicked off of the photo and just focused on pulling things that fit my list.  My kit has some papers in it that are not my favorite (they came in collection packs).  My first impulse was to pull some specific papers from Echo Park, but I REALLY love them and am not ready to use them yet...LOL...dumb, huh?  Maybe the papers will grow on me.  Because I still have May and June's kits, I decided to just go with it.

If I had to give myself a grade, I would probably give myself a C.  I like some of the pieces of the kit, but all together?  I'm just not feeling it.  BUT I am going to keep it together and try to use it.  Why?  Because we all have days like this and it is JUST PAPER!  LOL  

I have a feeling I will be in love with more than one of the Master Forger's kits.  Maybe they will swap me?  LOL

Here is the list, so you can see some A+ kits:

Order of the Hop:
Guest Designer:  Jane  http://alittlescrap.blogspot.com

Make sure you look at how YOU can play along on the CKC blog!  We would love to have you join us this month!


Angela Coles said...

for me that one would be an A*. I hope you create some good pages with it. I sometimes surprise myself when I use something that's "not so me".

Lesley G said...

I'd give you an A boss!

S said...

Well it looks like a very coordinated kit to me, so I'm expecting some A+ layouts. (And I totally get having papers you really like that you don't want to use quite yet.)

sassyscrapper said...

Just start working and playing and I think you will be surprised! I won't tell if you decide to sneak in some other papers, too! You are playing with paper and that seems like an A+ grade to me!

Margie said...

You are being too hard on yourself! It is a lovely kit, and I am sure you can make plenty of beautiful projects from it!

mandysea said...

This looks great
....love the washi tape and your embellies look great with your paper too!

LCSmithSAVED said...

Sometimes the forged kits that don't inspire you spawn some wonderful pages. Looks like you have room to grow this kit as you go this month :~)

JulieJ said...

Oh you're being too hard on yourself. But I notice you have some papers I included in my May kit and didn't use (I'm not helping am I? LOL)

Laura said...

Don't be so down on yourself!! :)
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that has to come to terms with using my favourite supplies - crazy isn't it?

Lisa said...

Well I see quite a few papers there that I really like. I'm sure your kit will grow on you :-)

S said...

I see lots of cute stuff in there that I'd want to scrap with. I hope you feel its appeal soon, and scrap it up!

Jimjams said...

It's interesting to read that you struggled with this kit - I've had that in the past and ended up making fewer pages with it. That's why most of mine take something I like from the original and build from there. But then again that seems to be what you have done ... BUT you haven't allowed yourself to use the EP stuff that you like :O(
Good luck - I hope it grows on you xxx

Chidkid said...

It looks great to me and plenty of choice to create some wonderful things...I hope your headache is better!

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

I enjoyed reading about the process you used to select items for your kit, Bethany! It looks like a really fun kit, and I bet you will create plenty of projects with it!

Sherri Thompson said...

I think your kit looks fabulous! I've done the list thing before, too, and you know what? I ended up loving the projects! I tend to do the list method when the inspiration kit isn't my typical style. I usually end up trying some different techniques or putting together some em bellies that I wouldn't have thought to use together. I know your projects are going to be great! :)

Julene Matthews said...

Bethany it looks wonderful to me!
Use that Echo Park stuff!! (Although I do sympathise with your hoarding)