Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to "School" for mom!

**Be sure to check out the awesome birthday party that used these props!

August was swept away with back to school shopping, an unexpected trip back home to say goodbye to my Aunt, another trip home for her funeral lead to an over stressed and now sick heap for the last few weeks.  I am on the mend, although my heart is still sad, and ready to get back into some sort of crafting groove.

What better way to get some crafting on then Paper Trey Ink's Stamp-A-Faire?  I am coming at it a bit late for entering anything, but at this point, I just need a jump start of Mojo and am happy that there are so many entries to help inspire me.  Plus the pressure is off to get these done in any sort of time frame.  (I am typing this as I 12:40 in the afternoon.  I am determined to have one day where I don't feel the need to lie down.  That probably means I will want to go to bed around 7:00, though.  LOL)

I am starting with their Timer Challenge (since I am OCD about doing things in order).

First up is to pick one of their color schemes:


I love the soft pallet of this one, although I am going to let some of my pinks punch it up a bit.  I am DETERMINED to use up some of my 6x6 pads.  Seriously.  I collect those stinkin' things, but use them up?  LOL

I pulled my papers (I will show you in a minute) and checked which sketch I wanted to use before I pulled some embellishments.


**I am ignoring the instructions for my first card and just going off the sketch.  LOL  I am living dangerously, except now I feel the need to pull more stuff and do a second card following the directions.  I have a problem.

I started with a great sheet of blue paper with roses in different shades of pink.  It hit the entire color scheme in one sheet of paper.  I added an additional plain blue paper, a light pink pattern and a tone on tone white/cream pattern.  I love my enamel dots, so I had to add those and some labels.

I thought the flowered paper would be fun for the focal point, but it was too busy for any sort of sentiment.  A die cut with a sentiment on it solved that problem nicely.  A bit of layering and this card came together very quickly (well under the 20 minute goal...more like 7 minutes).

Alright!  I completed something!  Now to get it into the mail instead of putting it in a box to sit for a year.  We make cards for a purpose, right?

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