Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring is time for scrappy crushes!

Spring is in the air and crafty crushes are all around.  If you are crafty at heart, I'm sure there is SOMEONE out there that has a crafty style that you just dig.  Maybe it is because it is like your style...or you want to achieve that style...or that style just inspires you.  Style style style (Yes, I do keep saying that word, don't I?).  Today at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog we are all about crafty crushes.  Several of us from the CKC are sharing our favorite crushes as vaguely as possible.  LOL  It is all in fun.  At the bottom of my post please share who YOU think I am crushing on.

My go to girl for inspiration is the lovely of the blog ? and designer for ?

If I could come back in another life as another crafter, I would pick ?. She is certainly an out of the box thinker when it comes to crafting.  I would love to be a fly on her wall (not in a creepy needs to call the police kind of way) to see her creative process.

What I LOVE:
**Clearly focused style for each project:  bright and fun, soft and pretty, graphic
**LOTS of details!  She is great at finishing touches!
**Out of the box crafter when it comes to using her supplies.  Now why didn't I think of that?
**She has mad stamping skills!
**Non layout/card projects are AMAZING!  She can throw down some 3-D projects!

Here are just a few of the reasons I think she is fabulous!  Check out some of her projects on her blog!  I mean, really?  How you you pick your favorite?

Now for my humble offerings to BE MORE LIKE ???.

Here is a card that she made that really inspired me:

Not my mystery crush!

What I loved about her design:
the white space
the flowers drawing your eye in
the cheveron on the bottom.

  I wanted to make mine a bit more gender neutral, so I went with labels (stamped and cut out of card stock) and some sequins.  I feel I STINK at white space, so this was a challenge for me.  It is not bad.  I would mail it to someone.  LOL

There is a Birthday Post on her blog is so bright and fun!  Here is one of the projects on it:

Not my mystery crush!

I decided to make a card for my nephew's birthday coming up.

What I loved about her cards:
bright colors

To mimic this look, I added sequins to the circle print on my patterned paper.  The photo on the front (in the frame) is also a magnet that my nephew can remove and keep.  Ben LOVES to color (and loves super heroes) so I made the inside ready for him to color.  I love this card!  It took a while, but was worth all of the details!

And WHERE did I come up with the papers for these cards?  Why from my March kit, of course...I made it, but never took the time to show it off, so here it is in all of it's crafty glory:

Make sure you head over to Counterfeit Kit Challenge to see what Crafty Crushes are going on over there!

Here is a list of the hop so you know where you are going:

Tomorrow (21st) they will also have a list REVEALING who our craft crushes are so make sure you check back in at the CKC blog!  Will you have guessed correctly?

**For the purpose of this post being a mystery, I am not able to link up to my crush.  I am giving her FULL credit though for her great projects and will come back later to put a link in the bottom that will not spoil the mystery of it all.  So BIG apologies to ??? for not being able to link up yet.  


Lisa said...

How fun is your post?!?! Love all the mystery you've built up here.

I *know* who your scrap crush is and you've certainly done her proud! I love your cards and who you've taken the projects as inspiration for your own! love that first one - it's definitely more than "ok"!!!

Thanks for playing along! Let's see who can guess yours correctly!!!

Margie said...

Is it Nichole Heady? Or Betsy Veldman?

KellyO said...

Huge guess here since I'm not much of a stamper. Is it Betsy Veldman? Love your examples!

Sassy Breese said...

This is a great game, although I have no idea who your crush is. I am looking forward to learning lots about who's who in the design world and who my crushes (the CKC Design Team)admires and why.

LCSmithSAVED said...

Applause!!! I think you have crafted some outstanding cards! It's easy to see the inspiration come through & yet they are totally your own. ADORE the sequins :D And I love getting a peek at your March kit (tsk tsk)PLUS that yummy green desk/dresser. I think we need a tour of your space, Fearless Leader! As I am a total noodle about scrap celebrities I don't have a clue who your crush is, but can't wait to find out so I can get some more ideas!

sassyscrapper said...

What wonderful cards you created! The use of labels is FAB! I have no idea, but once I find out, I will certainly check out her blog!

justasiam said...

Danielle Flanders??

Susan said...

Wow - this is hard! You've made some lovely cards, especially the thank you card. I love what you did with the labels. I don't know too many card makers so I'm just going to take a wild guess and say Nichol Magouirk?

Julene Matthews said...

Even with their layouts & cards displayed I still have no idea. Love your card though, it will be a super gift for your nephew.
Your kit looks good by the way.

Jennifer Stutzman said...

that snowglobe card is amazing!! WOW