Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Bit of Creative Heaven

I have had a few requests (okay, 4) to see my scrap space (that I hautily refer to as my studio...sounds fancier, doesn't it? LOL) We have 2 kids and are blessed to have a 4 bedroom house. Originally my room was the "office" (can you see why I would rather call it my studio?) that I was to share with my husband. LOLOLOLOLOL Sorry. That was totally funny, though. He can "work" just as easily from the couch, so I took over. He is "allowed" to store some things in that room, but I am working on getting all of stuff out of there. :) We do have a guest bed in there (super comfy Jen!) and a really nice (salvaged) 7 foot/2 person desk that I need to clean because Isabel painted an album on it and missed the newspaper. I didn't take photos of those spots. Just where I work/play/think/get away from my DH and kids.

Here is the view from my doorway. The light colored desk is actually my Grandmother's old sewing machine. I don't sew, but thought it made the perfect cricut desk. The big square table next to it was made by....are you ready for this....BILLY! It was a wedding present to me (we sort of did it together) and it is the perfect size. I love how deep it is. Under it is a 3 drawer system that hold my adhesive, blank cards and bind it all supplies. The white wire shelves hold my embellishments/chipboard/cuddlebug/bind it all and cute cookie jar with my new embellishment purchases. Yep. I like to look at them for a while before I put them away. Nothing wrong with that. LOL

I am SO lucky to have a double closet. Boy, do I need it. This side houses my paper and my pretty storage cubes. The cubes have mini albums to make, glitter/flocking/embossing poweders, punches, stickers/rubons/flat embellishements and, um, my chocolate stash. SHHHHH... The shelves above hold my stamps and some misc. stuff I need to sort through.

The other side of my closet looks a bit muddled, but the top shelves have my magazines and idea books (as well as binders where I store sketches that I print out) and the walls have holders for my movies (the ones no one wants to watch with mommy) and the bottom bookcase has things for me to alter and more stuff I don't know what to do with. LOL

Next to my closet is a great wire shoe rack that is PERFECT for my cricut carts, Ikea jars of buttons/flowers, ink and paint. Those cool buckets next to it are from Ikea and are on a rail system (also from Ikea) Super cheap. Seriously...just a few bucks. And it stores all of my ribbon.

Okay, the sad news is, that to be a good mommy, I have decided to swap rooms with Isabel (her room is TINY and has the smallest closet in the house). I really think she needs a double closet to help her have more play space. Sigh. I have NO idea how I am going to fit everything in her room, but I think we will swap this summer. I love to reorganize, so that part will be great. Sometimes it is hard to be a good mommy. :)

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Sarah said...

Awesome "studio", I love that title! Those buckets on the wall are great arn't they (I love Ikea!), thanks for sharing some great ideas! (I'm visiting from SB.com)