Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freezer Paper Cricut shirts

Confused about how you can make a T-shirt with your cricut? I have seen some posts on the cricut board about cutting shapes out of freezer paper with your cricut and using them as stencils on t-shirts. My friend Kim came over and we gave it a go. Here are the shirts I made:

I used Animal Kingdom to make a shirt for my son:

Mine is also with Animal Kingdom:

I used Hello Kitty for the cupcake for my daughter:

They were easier than I thought.

1. Cut freezer paper to fit your mat and put it dull side down...make sure all air bubbles are out.

2. Cut your shapes as you normally would. Remeber that if you want to cut words, you will need to use the flip feature.

3. Peel off the negative image of your shape. Iron it shiney side down on your t-shirt.

4. We tried fabric paint and acrylic paint and I like acrylic better. We put plastic bags inside the shirt so it wouldn't bleed through and then used a pouncing method to paint.

5. They take a bit to mine dried I would touch up the paint so no bits of t-shirt showed through.

Give it a really was easy. I will be doing this alot.

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Jenny said...

Those are all so cute! I think I might have to try these!