Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two more down!

I have slowed a bit with the Unity Challenges, but since I am just doing them for fun, I'm okay with it. LOL I do need to keep up with Pam, though, who is doing them with me. The next two I finished were Inked Edges and Tag.The stamps are all Unity...are you ready for this? Angela (owner and ANGEL of Unity asked on facebook if anyone could use some "imperfect" stamps for their work with kids. Well, since I do alot in my kid's school (including crafts) and also Billy and I work with teens/kids in church, I volunteered to take some off of her hands to use in those projects. And she sent me a massive bag of them! Seriously, they are the best stamps out there and she send me a bag! How generous is that? It makes it so much easier (on my and our bank accounts) when I don't have to pay out of pocket all of the time working with the kids. So thank you, Angela and Unity! Seriously, you are the best. My little brain is busy with project ideas for the kids, so thank you!
Yesterday was my birthday and I got spoiled! Wanna know what I got? Do you? Hmmmm??? LOL I got dozens of well wishes on Facebook (which was fun to see all day)....a gift card for dinner and babysitting (Sarah), some yummy chocolate chip cookies (Kasey), Summer Vacation Cricut Cart (Kim), $50 to Amazon (Dad/Meg/Rylie), Lyrical Letters Cart and hair cut gift certificate (Billy), chocolate (Isabel) and a necklace (Isabel). Plus phone calls and several renditions of the song "Happy Birthday". It was a fun day.

Off to play with my new stuff...or organize (I got a new Jet Max Cube as a happy birthday to me...LOL).

Make a great day!


Angie P said...

your cards are darling!

Steph said...

Sounds like a great birthday. Happy Belated! The cards are really cute.

Tracy said...

Happy Belated Birthday.
Your cards are so fun.
How generous of her to donate these to you.