Saturday, February 12, 2011

Organizing: Embellishments

Emebllishments!  Love them!  Use them!  Sometimes don't know what to do with them!  LOL  Some are big...some are you keep them in the packaging?  Sort them by color?  Product type?

I don't have a fix all that will keep your embellishments (of all sizes and types) in one place, but I do have some tips for how I keep mine.

First, I sort all of my embellishments by type and find the best storage for each type of embellishment.  You will be seeing the storage for these in just a minute.

After they are categorized, I sort them by the same color order that I do my paper. I like having that consistent theme in my room.

So, here we go:

Small Embellishments (brads/seed beads/eyelets/small gems):
I have 2 CTMH embellishment organizers.  LOVE THEM!  Been using them for
years and wouldn't change a thing!  They travel well...I even put some embossing powder/glitter in some of the containers for going to crops.  These are in color order.

I couldn't resist this green case with the clear divided boxes.  I use these for
embellishments that go with paper brands I like to buy like Basic Grey and Sassa Frass.  That
way all of those embellishments are easy to grab and go well with those papers. 

Buttons and flowers:  Also in color order and in these cute Ikea jars.  There are similar
jars at Hobby Lobby/Michaels, but they aren't as cheap.

I glued a sample embellishment on the top of the jar for looks and to help sort.

My ribbon is stored in jewlery bags on clips on my clip it up.  Color order of course.

I put them on clothespins to keep them neat and organized.


Sheets of chipboard on my Clip it up

Bling on my clip it up


Alpha's on my clip it up


Chipboard and grungeboard pieces: sorted by type (alphas, basic shapes,
flowers...) and stored in these great kitchen silverware "buckets" from Ikea!

More organizing tips tomorrow!


Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Bethany I love it. Looks like you are getting tons of storage on that clip it up! YAY! I store my little things similar to yours, but in those purple jewelry organizers from Ms, with the slotted containers that only open ONE at a time! YAY!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge said...

I love all the little "sets" of things organized by looks pretty :) One day I'll take pics of my stuff so you can see it too :)

(I'm too lazy to log out of our blog to comment...sorry)

my4blessings said...

You are so organized and I really like your system. Those silverware organizers for the chipboard are so cute! great post.

hilde janbroers said...

wow, I can only look at your cartridges!!!! so many!!!! :-))))

ScrappnBee said...

great storage ideas! I especially like the Ikea finds!

Tracy said...

Awesome storage ideas.
You are so organized.

Jennifer Stutzman said...

can you come help me organize mine?