Friday, February 11, 2011

Organizing: Stamps and such

I think the only other scrapbook supply that could rival my paper is my stamps.  I just can't seem to stop.  In fact, I bought 4 more sets yesterday.  Yikes!  LOL  They were a great deal, though!  Wanna see them?

$15 for all of them, baby!  I love CHA time...everyone makes way for new products!  Anyway...I have alot of stamp sets.  I have a mix of stamp storage options at this point...It is working so I don't feel the need to fix it.  Yet.  LOL

At this point, it is important for me to keep my stamps together in their original sets.  I know some people take each stamp and put it in a category, but I can't do that.  It feels wrong.  LOL  I go with a general theme for each stamp set and don't worry about the tiny stamps.  Eventually I plan on using a roladex to keep track of each stamp, but that is a project only in my head right now.  LOL

Stamp Categories:
Journaling (stamps that can have journaling written in them)
Sentiments (whole phrases/words)
Unity (yes, they deserve their own category)

I store these in Photo Storage Boxes...that way my clear stamps and rubber stamps can live together.

Apparently you want to see this picture sideways, since it won't let me change it. 

On my Clip it Up Floor Model, I keep these categories:
Holidays (broken into Winter-Christmas/Valentinesday, Spring-Easter, Summer, Fall)

Finally...all of those stinking $1 stamps.  For the rubber ones, I keep them in the categories in the photo storage boxes.  For the small clear stamp sets I use baseball card page protectors in notebooks or on my clip it up depending on the category.

Other Stamping Goodies:
My inks are in color order again:

My stickles/sprays are stored in a cute planter tray so they are visible:
I have a Jetmax drawer for my dry glitter/embossing powders/flocking:

Another drawer of distressing tools:

And another drawer of coloring options:

Pretty basic.  I know where everything is, so that is important.

Tomorrow:  How I organize my small embellishments


my4blessings said...

Great photos. I hadn't thought of using photo storage boxes for stamps, that's a great idea.

ScrappnBee said...

thanks for sharing! I love looking at how people store their always inspires me! Love the baseball card holder idea for the tiny stamps! I might just have to scrap lift it! LOL!

Blessed Ladybug said...

very nice thanks for sharinf .. i;m so glad i'm finanly orgamzined much more than i was anyways...

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Again we are a little alike, I store mine in categories all together in the four drawer Jetmax, then MOST of the little ones are in a three ring binder with the baseball sleeves. Some (the newer ones) are on my homemade clip it up!