Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My October Tradition

For me, October means cool breezes....changing leaves....Halloween candy and walking with my sister and sister in law to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.

I love doing that walk.  I am super competive, so it becomes a "let's see how many people we can walk faster than" sort of morning.  LOL

I would LOVE it if you would consider helping me reach my goal of $200 before October 15th.  If you would like to donate under my name, please go here:

Bethany's Official Breast Cancer Donation Page

Thanks so much!

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allie.duckienz said...

Hello Bethany,
I went to donate for your walk but I wasn't sure that it was you at first as there is a photo of two black women on the page. I finally realised that was a stock standard photo and went to donate but there is a $5 minimum. As I live in New Zealand I was only going to donate a couple of dollars and I thought it would be through Paypal. Sorry I can't help. So glad you've got $50 thus far though!