Monday, January 12, 2015

Showing my kids a little love...

For some strange reason I have been all over the map when it comes to traditions for Easter and Valentines Day.  We always make it special for the family, but don't really do anything consistently.

I guess at my house you can expect the unexpected.  LOL

This year I want to do some planned dates with the kids.  A couple of years ago I gave Billy a years worth of dates (one envelope for each planned out...all we had to do was pick the day to do it) and he is STILL asking for me to do it again.  I think the kids will love a few planned out dates with Billy and I.  One on one time is hard to come by when both your parents work at a church...our time is impossible to schedule and not really our own.  Our kids are good sports, but our family time is constantly interrupted.

This will be fun!

Blog lovin offered up this really pretty "wrapping" idea for the date cards I am going to make...

I love it when the package is even better than the gift.  LOL  Let's get started on some pretty packaging!

I found some fun little bags at the Silhouette store and purchased a few since I wan't sure what I wanted exactly.  They cut out easy and only took seconds to fold and glue together.  NICE!

I pulled together a pile of possibilities that I could decorate my cute envelopes with and tried to get a good mix of boy and girl things.

I started piling things on each envelope until I liked the way it looked and then glued everything down.  They came out super cute, don't you think?

I can't wait to make some "date cards" to put in them.  The kids will be so excited!

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Susanne said...

Those are really cute!