Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Challenge: To Be Inspired Project!

I have been doing Project Life lately.  My time is limited, so I need quick, small things to work on in between work and family.  Those small cards are the perfect canvas for me to do a little something and if I get interrupted, it is not a big deal or frustration.  It is working well so far.

Today I am anticipating interruptions, so I am sticking with small projects to get started.  Hopefully I can work my way up to a layout or two later.

Jennifer issued a great challenge:

Be Inspired:
- Use something with a rough texture near smooth or shiny items
- Add a row of snowy dots along a border
- Use pop-dots for letter stickers for a card recipient’s name, or a page title
She even has a fun prize you can win if you enter!  Now, I am not planning on doing EACH suggestion for each of her posts, but this group of inspiration prompts were too good to pass up!

At Christmas, I normally do pre-purchased tags or stamp some very simple ones to go with the wrapping paper for that year (and yes, I do make a big deal about finding the perfect paper!).  I don't generally spend a lot of time on tags as I don't think most of our recipients would actually appreciate them.  I decided to go ahead and make a tag for Meg (my step mom).  She loves to wrap and pays a lot of attention to detail, so I know she will notice and appreciate the tag.

My Grinchy self had to go ahead and break into my wood vaneer sheets.  I hoard them, but they were so perfect for this project.  They cut beautiful on my Cricut, too!

I used my new Art Philosophy and Artiste cartridges for the tag, green background and start burst (it even has a matching stamp!).  Don't you love the fox?  I have been eager to use him!  Dollar Spot at Michaels, baby!  The glitter tree is left over from maybe two years ago and I am glad I kept them!  Getting some use out of them today.  The white dots were made by me to mimic those cute enamel dots that are popular, but have not made it to Lafayette at this point.  They are just some plastic beads popped in the oven and melted down.  Nice.

Two projects down and I love them both!


Tina Campbell said...

Super cute tag!

Anonymous said...

I have this stamp and was playing around with it this weekend. Isn't he darling? Love your tag. Dawn F.

One Scrap Happy Momma said...

That fox is cute and I love the sparkly tree!

Jennifer Grace said...

Okay, this is amazing, love the dots made from melted beads - aren't you clever! The fox is too cute! Thanks for joining in with the challenge! x

S said...

Too cute!